TuneMoose is on radio!

TuneMoose has launched his radio show, “Where’s The Hook?” on 91.3FM Bluewater Radio serving the greater Durham-Hanover-Walkerton region of North Central Ontario. Tune in every Tuesday evening from 9 to 11. Each week I’ll be lookin’ inside the hits, to see what makes ’em tick

TuneMoose Bates’ first album is on the books, “Everything Is Perfect”. It’s streaming on Spotify and all other platforms You can also have a listen here (‘Records’ tab above).

This is the portal for music of Canadian singer-songwriter and composer, “TuneMoose” Matt Bates. Between pandemics Matt performs as a solo act in Grey-Bruce-Simcoe-Huron-Muskoka counties, in Toronto, and tours throughout Southern Ontario.

TuneMoose recordings are produced by his own label, Everyone’s A Star Records.

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