" Where's The Hook? "

Join me for "Where's The Hook?", a radio show hosted by "TuneMoose" Matt Bates. Each week I play a variety of great songs, in various genres and from various decades. Between plays I'll be looking inside the hits, to see what makes 'em tick. Great songwriters, great producers. Let's take a look at what goes into making a great record.

"Where's The Hook?" airs live on 91.3 FM, Bluewater Radio, on Tuesday evenings from 9 to 11 EST. It is broadcast over the airwaves in the region surrounding Durham - Hanover - Walkerton in North-Central Ontario. You can also tune in live via internet at

http://bluewaterradio.ca/ Click in the upper right corner, then on the play arrow in the window that pops up.

That's "Where's The Hook?" with "TuneMoose" Matt Bates. Hope to feel your presence there.

- TuneMoose

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